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The Mercury Players
Anyone with little or lots of experience between 13 and 100.
Ongoing Opportunity (> 1 year)
Duncan Area
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Description of Position
For our regular community theatre productions (3 - 4 per year) we are looking for people to help us make and maintain costumes, dressers for the actors during the shows, make-up and hair artists, ushers and front-of-house people during the shows, set builders (basic wood construction) and painters, props masters and helpers, maintenance helpers to join work parties to do clean up, do simple maintenance jobs on the building interior. If you like community theatre, but are not so keen on acting, this is your chance to get involved with a worth-while endeavour, contribute to and enjoy live shows and enjoy pleasant, eclectic company. There is no better way to stay young at heart.

If you are in the South Cowichan area and would prefer to work with the Shawnigan Players, we can put you in contact with them as well. We also enjoy good relations with Adagé Studio, The Cowichan Musical Society, Chalkboard Theatre and the Katzaa Lakeside Players

The Mercury Players Society

Mercury Theatre
331 Brae Road
Duncan BC

Contact Rien Vesseur 250-510-1746 or
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Send Email to: Rien Vesseur