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Literacy Now Cowichan Society
Adults with a minimum of grade 12, who communicate well in written and oral English, have good interpersonal skills, maturity and discretion and are caring, non-judgmental and have patience. Tutors need to be able to use email.
Ongoing Opportunity (> 1 year)
Duncan Area
Ongoing Opportunity
Description of Position

Learning to read as an adult is a life changing event. One client, who came to us as a non reader, told us excitedly he was able to read the street signs now and had ordered his first meal from a restaurant menu. It's a privilege to act as a guide and support person for adults in our community who want to read and write better and you can do this wonderful work at Literacy Now Cowichan.

Position Summary: Tutor an adult learner in reading, writing
Supervisor: Volunteer Coordinator
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Tutor a learner once or twice a week for 1 hour per session
• Help the learner to set short and long term goals and plan a learning program based on the goals
• Find and prepare teaching materials appropriate to the learner’s ability, goals and interests
• Maintain a positive, learner-centered environment
• Review work and assignments with the learner
• Keep written records of the learner’s progress
• After initial training, attend ongoing training
• Discuss the learner’s progress with the coordinator
• Discuss problems/concerns with the coordinator

Please note: All prospective tutors participate in an extensive interview/screening process, must submit a criminal record check and those selected will receive initial and ongoing training in working with adult learners and particular topic areas. Initial training takes between 15-20 hours depending on previous experience.

Contact Information
Send Email to: Isabelle Vilm