Cowichan Community Response Network

Cowichan’s CRN is a diverse group of concerned community members, service providers, agencies, businesses and professionals who come together to create a coordinated community response to adult abuse, neglect and self-neglect.

A Coordinated Community Response – Community Response Networks (CRNs)

It is recognized that offering support to adults who may be abused or neglected, and having access to some new legal tools, is only part of what will make a difference in peoples’ lives. As well there is a need for increased coordination at the community level, not only of responses to individuals who are abused or neglected, but also coordination in terms of working towards prevention over time. Community Response Networks are the vehicles for achieving increased coordination of community responses to abuse and neglect. Today, there are CRNs established or under development all over British Columbia.

Develop ways to coordinate and support their activities,

Facilitate and promote an interdisciplinary approach to services and support,

Keep track of how response is working,

Work on related activities such as community development, education, prevention and advocacy,

Develop community protocols, and

Support designated agencies in carrying out their responsibilities.

CRNs around the province are reaching out to the community to establish a network of community agencies, local businesses, government agencies, (Health Authorities, Community Living BC) to provide help for adults experiencing or at risk of experiencing abuse, neglect and self neglect. Working together as a CRN, people and their communities are making a difference.

This program is designed to educate community members and provide outreach on the topic of adult abuse, neglect and self-neglect prevention.

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