Youth 2020 Can – Cowichan

Youth 20/20 Can is a project connecting youth volunteers between 15 and 29 years old in Cowichan and the surrounding areas. Volunteers share ideas about projects, events or activities that matter and that they want to lead and manage, partnering with community groups, local businesses, and mentors to turn ideas into reality. Expect to see opportunities in the environment, caring for people and animals, community development, creating and the arts, healthy living and education, event planning and promotion, sports and recreation, and fighting poverty. Join us to volunteer in your community and participate in our free training and learning events!

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Contact Information:
Phone: (250) 748 – 2133, Ext. 3

The benefits of the program include: 

  • Participation in free training and learning events
  • Building connections and networks
  • Gaining employment skills and references
  • Having fun and meeting new friends!
  • Leading and inspiring change in your community

Meet Our Team

Holly Ellison

Holly is happy to call the Cowichan Valley her home again after completing her commerce degree in Operations Management at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. As a Youth Engagement Worker, Holly hopes to inspire youth to give back to their community through volunteerism and develop new skills that can help them get ahead in their future careers. With her previous experience working in numerous volunteer positions, she has seen firsthand how volunteering in something you are passionate about can help make a difference. 

Jessica Lewinski

Jessica is new to the Cowichan Valley, and is thrilled to call this very special place her home. She has spent the last decade living and working abroad in Asia in and Europe in the fields of sustainable development, education, and the arts. She believes whole-heartedly in the power of volunteerism, as her own experiences of volunteering have taken her all over the world, allowing her to participate in deeply meaningful community-building work. She is passionate about finding ways to help others connect with their best potentials, open doorways for positive learning experiences, and to help others feel connected and valued in their communities.

Ali Davie

Ali has lived in the Cowichan Valley for ten years, and in British Columbia for most of her life. She has been a part of the work force in different career fields, doing both paid and volunteer work throughout her life so far. She is a health care assistant and community support worker. She has volunteered at various places over the last 12 years and is a member of the St. John Ambulance Volunteer Brigade. Ali strongly believes in the power of lifelong learning and the strength of people working together to make things that are bigger than each of us as just one person. Her experiences volunteering have helped her see the value in trading time for skills and connections. She is thrilled at the opportunity to help youth see the strength in themselves, and continue growing along the way.